Monday, October 13, 2008

Street Music

12 October

For the second day in a row our little street has exploded with street music. The genial but slightly daft lady in the basement apartment is beside herself, banging shutters and muttering imprecations. But what can one do? It's a trio who look like North Africans: the leader, a very brassy trumpet player, supported by a fast-fingered clarinetist, and a melodicon that sounds remarkably like an accordion.  
The music, above all the trumpet, is unspeakably, unbelievably loud as it echoes between solid rows of 7-storey buildings. But they play with passion, unembarrassed, and they play very well. The melodicon player waves a cup at me with one hand as I pass.
Today they begin with some Latin tunes--yesterday it sounded more Middle Eastern--but right now they're belting out a very Bourbon-Street cover of "I Love Paris in the Springtime." If only Marlene were here. Yesterday I dropped in a euro, but today it's down to 50 centimes. I'm actually hoping that tomorrow they'll choose another street. I can't take all the excitement. 


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