Saturday, December 15, 2012

Viva Gli Azzurri!

It seems like only yesterday--actually it was a week ago, an eon in the current phase of Italian politics--that Pier Luigi Bersani was reassuring the financial world, via a Wall Street Journal interview, that he was with the program, prepared to honor all of Monti's international commitments, maintain the larger themes of reformist austerity; in short, to be an honorary German. And it was only two days ago in Brussels that Chancellor Merkel, faced with Italy's prodigal (Berlusconi) and dutiful (Monti) sons in the same overfilled room, was pleading with them to have a nice campaign, not one directed against Germany.

But here we are, and today the PD website featured this photo evoking Italy's contentious soccer history with its northern neighbor, and recalling its triumph in last summer's upset victory in the European championships. Will a future Premier Bersani score a breakaway goal against Merkel's formidable if slow-footed defense? Apparently his team is warming up to do just that.


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